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Klintetten summer 2022
Klintetten have been playing together since 1993,
both concerts but above all for dancing.
There will be both Polish shoes and old dance.
They had a jubilant gig during
Nordlek in 1994 which was one of the reasons why the group was formed.
Since then, they are widely used as one of the better ones
the dance orchestras with both Polish shoes and old dance
the repertoire. They have a fantastic catchy sound on stage.
The players are firmly rooted in folk music and dance
which is reflected in the songs. Eastern Gothic is preferably played
folk music, but also Polish shoes and old dance from Dalarna,
Jämtland, Värmland and Uppland, as well as songs composed
of the group's members. Klintetten also plays in less
groupings. Instrumentation is violins, accordion, harp,
zither and bass. They have also made a number of successful ones
dance performances where they have supplemented the group with
two extra dancers.

Klintetten has produced 4 CD records:

Klintetten Dansbart 1994 ……. Youtube
Klintetten två 1997 …………….. Youtube
Klintetten Amerikanar´n 2005 Youtube
Klintetten 2010 2010 …………… Youtube

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